How to Have Fun in your Lucid Dream?

Why would you want to experience lucid dreams anyway?

Because they’re fun!

Imagine being able to summon up whatever world you want to explore, and bring the people you want to meet into your dreams. Fly through a forest, ride an elephant in the desert, eat huge amounts of chocolate ice cream – you can do anything you want!

At first, it’s a good idea to concentrate on things like feeling the texture of your surroundings, noticing the sensual details. As you can stay aware for longer you can explore your environment further, and then start to will specific things to come into your dream. If you want to go to a whole new place, try spinning around in a circle and telling yourself what you’re going to find when you stop (spinning is a great way to prolong your lucidity).

How to Have Fun in your Lucid Dream?

Things to do in your Lucid Dreams

  • Fly! Sometimes just telling yourself to fly is enough to lift you off the ground. Or start running and jumping, bouncing up into the air. Leaping off a tall building can also lead to flying. I’ve also found myself flying in my sleep when I was trying to induce an out of body experience!
  • Eat! The chocolate brownies I’ve eaten in lucid dreams are some of the most delicious things I’ve ever tasted, and they had the great added bonus of not causing me to put on any weight, however many I munched! Really enjoy your food as you eat it. Notice the texture, taste and smell. Is what you’re eating hot, or ice cold? Try eating something you’ve never tasted in real life, just to find out what flavours your brain creates!
  • Meet a Fictional Character! Have you always loved a particular character from a TV show or a book? Bring them into your dream. Go vampire hunting with Buffy, sing for the Phantom of the Opera, finally get the attention of your impossible crush… Needless to say, lucid dream sex is safe sex!
  • Visit Space! Start flying, up and up, through the clouds, and keep on going! Or visit anywhere else you’d like to go… Swimming in the ocean? Skiing in Switzerland? How about combining them and going skiing on Mars (after all, you can give it snow!)?
  • See your Loved Ones. Whether it’s a friend or family member who lives a long way away, or someone who you’ve lost, you can bring them into your dream and talk to them. Of course you’ll be talking to a creation of your subconscious mind (although some believe that genuine after-death communication is possible), but it can still be something that leaves you with beautiful feelings of connection and love.
  • Ask Questions. Particularly if you meet a loved one, ask them about anything that’s been on your mind lately. The answers will come from your subconscious mind, which often has access to truths you’re not consciously aware of, particularly about yourself. If the reply comes as a symbol you don’t understand, ask what it means.
  • Create a Dream Guide. You can create an archetypal figure to serve as a guide. Consciously intend to create someone from your Highest Consciousness, the part of yourself that’s connected to spirit (or God). Ask him or her what you most need to know about yourself.
  • Learn about Yourself! As the previous suggestions suggest, lucid dreams are an excellent way of gaining insight and understanding about yourself. As well as asking questions, pay attention to everything around you. Be sure to write down what appears in your journal, and keep a note of any recurring images. Then you can start to explore what these symbols mean to you.
  • Solve Practical Problems.Have you lost something important? Think about it as you fall asleep, and intend to remember where it is in your dream. Then go find it in your sleep! Even if it seems to be somewhere rather odd, your mind is probably giving you a clue about where you’ve left it.Or, do you have to sing or speak in front of an audience, but suffer from terrible stage fright? Rehearse! Fill an auditorium with people, deliver a perfect song or speech, and enjoy their rapturous applause. This gives you a positive memory of the experience which should help counteract your nerves in real life. The dreaming state is connected with memory, learning, and feelings, so this really does work.
  • Banish Nightmares! As I child I taught myself to banish nightmares by closing my eyes tight and repeating “wake up, wake up, wake up” to myself. An even better method would have been to have taken control and simply told the monsters to go away, or chopped them to pieces with a sword! This not only gets you out of the nightmare, but gives you a feeling of having successfully defeated your demons, and may have a real psychological benefit.