How to hire a Land Surveyor when buying property?

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A land surveyor is a definite must when buying land, building or buying a new home. You must know where the property lines are before you buy. The property markers are normally in place when you purchase property. Sometimes after years of no upkeep property stakes go missing. And this can cause hard feelings with your not so friendly neighbors. Sometimes people think they own property when it actually belongs to their neighbor.

Sometimes there are right of ways through property that nobody knew anything about. Imagine buying land or a new home only to find out later that a farmer hauls his manure up through your driveway. Believe it or not this has happened before. What can you do about it? Nothing as long as he has a document that says he has right of way. You will just have to live with it or sell. This is why you need to hire a land surveyor to check all maps and history of the property you want to buy.

Most properties are well marked with painted trees and corner stakes. But that doesn’t mean they own it! A land surveyor tells all tales when he is done surveying. I once knew a guy who lost 10 acres of prime blue berry ground because he neglected to consult a land surveyor. Sometimes these things never get found out until somebody cares enough to check it out.

Sub divisions don’t normally run into these kinds of problems. They are laid out properly the first time buy a land surveyor. The lots are normally no bigger than an acre, therefore easy to maintain. On the other hand, 100 acres is hard to maintain.

Building lots need to be a certain size to be able to build a new home on. When you consider the room a home and a driveway take up and then add the size of a septic system to that, you haven’t got a lot of room left. You need room for the well because it needs to be 70 feet away from the septic system. All these things I mentioned above need to be so many feet away from your neighbor’s property line. I believe in some places you need to stay 7 feet away from a property line. A land surveyor can tell you all the measurements you need to know when it comes to property.

How to hire a Land Surveyor when buying property?

There is a new way to purchase property now. The banks require nothing more than title insurance for the property. I personally would never go along with this. I need to know where my property lines are before I build a new home. Picture building a new home only to find out part of it belongs to your neighbor. If you have an understanding neighbor your ok, if you don’t you are in trouble. You are looking at 20,000 dollars to move your new home.

Is a land surveyor necessary? You better believe it. Check your local directories for listings of land surveyors. I hope someday to have my own directory right here on my site for you to choose from. Until then I encourage you to always seek the services of a land surveyor when you purchase property.