How to host an archery party for your kids?

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A Kids Archery Birthday Party, Participants dressed in Robin-Hood Costumes, can be an unusual type of Party, held outdoors they can sit under a greenwood tree and feast on chicken legs in one hand and a goblet of pop in the other, don’t forget to have them wash their hand before and after.

How to host an archery party for your kids?

This kind of party, may take careful planning if you intend to use the bow and arrow, my suggestion is to find a local club that will participate in teaching the young Merry Men of Sherwood to use the bow and arrow properly with regards to safety as well, who knows maybe one of these kids may well be an olympic gold medalist.

The bow, there are many types of bows most notable was the English Longbow equal or bigger than the height of a person,

A Short Bow, similar to the long bow but more maneuverable but lacked the power and distance of the longbow,

A compound bow will reduce the force that the archer must use and will increase the energy stored in the bow, by the use of cams or wheels, this is todays choice among archers,

A Crossbow, a variation of the bow design but has a mechanical mechanism for using and firing, the arrows for this weapon are called quarrels or bolts.

Arrows can be made of Wood aluminum, fiberglass, or carbon fiber shafts, Turkey feathers are used for fletching, a point of interest, many English names may be a clue as to who your forefathers were, ie, Fletcher, Bowman, Armstrong, Smith, Cooper.