How to Improve Your Dream Recall?

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How’s your dream recall? Do you remember a fragment or two once or twice a week, or do you wake up each morning with a vivid story of surrealist cinema running through your head?

In truth, few of us wake up with a clear and whole memory of what we’ve been dreaming; but as you practice lying in bed remembering and exploring the journeys of the night before, you’ll soon find yourself being able to recall more and more.

Here are my Top Tips for Better Dream Recall

  • Get ready! Be prepared, with a journal and pen by your bed, or a voice recorder. Carry a notebook around with you during the day too, in case something triggers a fragment of memory.
  • Consciously intend to remember your dreams. Read through your journal before you go to bed, and affirm to yourself that you’ll remember what you dream.
  • Write them down right away! If you wake in the night, record anything you can remember immediately. If you’re too sleepy to want to move, at least run through the dream in your head before you fall back to sleep; otherwise, you’re unlikely to recall much of it the next day.
  • Wake up slowly, preferably naturally. If you need to use an alarm, use gentle music. If you wake up naturally you will have just passed out of the dream state, making dream recall much easier.
  • Think back on what was in your mind. Don’t start thinking about what you have to do today. Stay in a drowsy state and let the images arise. When you remember something, try to think back to what was happening before it, running through the dreams backwards.
  • Journal. When you’ve spent some time gathering your memories, start to write them down. If you can’t remember anything that makes sense, note down any fragments or images, feelings, or details that come to mind. I find I do this best at the computer – the action of tapping at the keys starts my brain going and I remember more and more as I type.
  • Note particularly any dreams which are filled with very strong emotion, any recurring places or characters, and how the dream made you feel.

How to Improve Your Dream Recall?

If you want to start keeping track of places, people, and themes in your dreams, start a journal online! Many blogging systems let you apply descriptive “tags” to a post, enabling you to see with one click how many of your dreams featured the house you grew up in, or having to sit an exam. Services like dreamjournal.net include privacy settings so you don’t have to show your inner workings to the rest of the world just because you’re using an online journal.