How To Inspect Your Hardware?

Do Not Skip This Step

Inspecting your hardware is very important. I know this seems like a minor step and one that you would normally skip over but don’t.

How To Inspect Your Hardware?

Side Note, when you take your hardware out of the box it will usually have cables and CD’s with it. Keep these together with the box and separate for all other hardware. The reason for this is, if you have to return something, you must return everything that came in the box with the part. If you have all of your cables mixed up sometimes it is hard to remember which cables came with what hardware.

CAUTION: Static electricity can fry your hardware, so remember to “ground” yourself whenever touching your hardware. You can do this by simply touching your computer case first or by using a static wrist band. I will talk more on the tools you need later on.

What To Look For

There are a couple of thing’s to look for when inspecting your hardware.

  • Make sure you have the right part

    It is not unheard of to order a part and get a different one. This is not usually done on purpose but it does happen. When checking this be specific. For example: If you ordered a Geforce 6800 Ultra (video/graphics card) make sure it is an Ultra and not a GT or a 6600 ultra. Also check to make sure it uses the right slot – AGP, PCI, PCI-Express.

  • Is anything broken or loose?

    Check the obvious. If you motherboard is broken in half, it’s not going to work.

  • Check the Processor

    I have added this one because it seems to happen to me a lot. You want to check the pins on the processor itself to make sure they are not bent. If there are only a few bent and not to bad you should be able to bend them back yourself – Use Something Plastic, NOT METAL. If they are bent really bad or a lot of them are bent, send it back.

Keep in mind, just because it doesn’t physically appear to be broken does not mean it isn’t. Most problems with hardware are internal and you will not know until you build your computer.

Open Your Case

After inspecting your hardware, Take a few minutes to get familiar with your case. It is a lot easier to look around now than after you have all of your hardware installed. Check to make sure your motherboard will fit and how it will line up with the screw holes. Double check to see if your power supply and optical drives will fit and how they are installed in your case (specifically your optical drives).

Now that you are done inspecting your hardware, let’s start building. The first step in building your computer is installing the power supply.