How To Instal House Insulation Correctly?

Installing house insulation is a key factor of ordinary life in a house or flat. We need it for our comfort and well-being, but it is also important to prevent unnecessary heat loss of our property.

Our thermal comfort depends on the air temperature, air movement, mean radiant temperature, relative humidity, our clothing and our activity level. Within normal circumstances 21°C is a comfortable temperature for the everyday life.

To reduce the unwanted heat loss you need some extra work, but it is worth to do it. To decrease the heat flow out of the building, check the insulation of the windows, doors, walls, loft and floor. Is your house or flat well insulated? A well insulated house does not mean it has to be completely sealed. There should be still a good air circulation possible; otherwise you will have soon a serious mold problem in your house.

Mold not only looks terrible on the wall, ceiling, around the windows and doors, it also is a serious health risk factor and because it can develop “invisibly” behind plaster walls and wall paper where wrongly installed insulation of walls and ceilings causes thermal bridges. It affects seriously the immune system and is often the cause of allergies, asthma, headaches, coughs, running nose, sinusitis, skin problems, etc.

It is difficult enough to clean mold-covered surfaces and between tiles in bathroom and kitchen, but to get rid of mold behind walls and ceilings requires normally rigorous renovation.

How To Instal House Insulation Correctly?

If your house is self built, you might know what kind of insulation where has been done. However installing house insulation is a budget factor, never spare money on your house insulation. If your property is badly insulated you will spend a fortune on your energy bills. If your house has been built by somebody else, don’t forget to ask the seller about its insulation. If you are not happy with the answer or they cannot provide proper information, request a survey of an expert to check your house insulation. Thermal images from the outside and within the house reveal clearly thermal bridges, dampness and mold. They will show you where things need to be improved and can give you specific advice, who can fix it etc.

Installing house insulation is getting easier, even you can do it. There are many different insulation materials on the market that can be used effectively. The range is wide between traditional and contemporary materials. Preferably use natural products instead of artificial material based on chemicals or plastic. They can be harmful to your health and they have also high thermal efficiency.