How to learn telekinesis?

To learn telekinesis one must first believe that it is possible. It’s o.k. to be skeptical but you must have an open mind. If you are not open to the possibility then the possibility is not open to you.

Beyond telling you belief is a necessity it’s difficult to outline specific steps to take to learn telekinesis. I’ve decided to present you with my approach.

First I would say try to find as much information on the subject as possible. Go through this site, look through other sites, but completely submerge your subconscious mind in the subject. Look for everyday normal (or abnormal) events and write them down and record them.


Have you ever set an object down, turned away from it for a moment, and came back only to feel like it isn’t exactly where you left it? Or you know for certain that it isn’t where you left it. Maybe you saw it move out of your peripheral. These kinds of strange things happen all the time, and when we notice them it bothers us a little bit because we can’t logically explain it. Because we can’t explain it we shrug it off and tend to forget about it.

This is why the truth about how reality operates continues to evade us. When things are outside our realm of understanding it’s almost as if they are exiled from our existence.

Learn to recognize these unusual occurrences. Bring them into your awareness.

How to learn telekinesis?

The next thing I would recommend doing is practice, practice, practice. There are a variety of techniques to use. I can’t say whether one technique works better than another for I think it may depend on the individual. Try different things and be sure to keep a journal.

There are several reasons I feel a journal is important. The first is because it will increase your abilities of observation and analyzation. It will deepen your understanding of what a successful telekinesis event feels like. You will be able to look back and view what works and doesn’t work for you. You will also be able to better recognize how it felt and what kind of progress you making.

Another reason you should write down or record your sessions is for contribution to the development of useful information. It is my hope that we will work together to study and spread knowledge on this unique skill. In time I will have a section or forum for this, maybe even a chat room.

Meditating is also an important tool in learning telekinesis. It helps to focus and open your mind.

Like I said before this is my approach. Feel free to get creative and come up with your own approach. As time goes on I’m sure, with your help, I will be able to develop a better guideline for all those trying to learn telekinesis. Good luck and be prepared to have your eyes opened.