How to make a custom-license-plate using ink-jet sublimation?

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Print the transfer for your custom-license-plate as usual for sublimation. Because of the size of the license plate you may have to print another transfer for the text you are adding.

Remove the plastic film from the blank license-plate and place it on the bottom plate of your cold heat press, smooth side up. Close the press and adjust the pressure knob so that you get medium pressure. Open the press and swing the top plate away. Plug in the heat press and set it for 400 degrees.

Trim your transfer(s) and place face down on to the license plate. Lay a piece of Bristol Board and then the teflon sheet on top. Close the press for sixty seconds.

Open the press and let everything cool for a few minutes. Then remove the teflon sheet and the Bristol Board. Let cool a few more minutes.

Remove the transfer(s) allow the plate to cool. Your custom-license-plate will be extremely hot!

How to make a custom license plate using ink jet sublimation?

After it has cooled place the license-plate on a hard, flat surface (like a counter top). Place another hard, flat object on top of it. Something that’s big enough to cover the entire license plate (A flat piece of wood or a large cook-book)

Then put something really heavy on top of that. I use a full, 5 gallon water container. Leave it like this for a few hours.

The reason for doing this is because the heat generated by the press will warp the plastic license-plate considerably. Placing this weight on top will prevent this.