How To Make A Nice Christmas Cornucopias?

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Use your choice of decorative paper to make these Christmas Cornucopias. They are good for hanging on the tree with little treats in them, even a small gift would be nice, depending on how big you want to make them.

Use a saucer or plate, again depending on the size you want, and trace around it on your paper.

Cut out the circle and fold it into fourths and then cut on the lines to make four even quarters of the circle.

If the quarters are too small for you to work with then use the half circles and overlap the edges more.

Roll the quarter or half of the circle into a cone, overlapping and glueing the edges then glue on a handle using, ribbon, beaded string, twine, raffia, etc…

How To Make A Nice Christmas Cornucopias?

Decorate the cone with lace, ribbon or other decorations of your choice. We smeared glitter glue all over the outside of the cone.

You can also hang a tassle from the bottom by taping or glueing it to the bottom before rolling into a cone.