How to make a skimboard?

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This guide will show you how to make a skimboard. If you follow this guide you will be able to produce a home made skimboard around as good as a Victoria Woody.

-With just 5 EASY STEPS you will be able to make a skimboard with the easiest to read most detailed guide on the web.

The five easy steps

-First, the materials you will have to buy.


All these things are available at lowes for one quick stop.

•A 3/8 inch or 1/2 inch 2 by 4 piece of grade a or b plywood

•All purpose Fiberglass Resin


•fiberglass cloth

•work gloves

•fine medium and rough sand paper

-These materials will cost you about 45$ at Lowes.(excluding the tools) But remember you can use a lot of them 2 or 3 times so your second skimboard won’t cost nearly as much.



*sharp knife or rasp

Step 1 – Trace *The first thing you kneed to do is to trace your skimboard. You can trace a friends board or you can make your own shape. *If you are going to trace your own skimboard both sides have to be totally symmetrical. So fold some wrapping paper in half then draw half your design and cut it out so that when you unfold the paper you have a whole skimboard that’s symmetrical. *Now you can trace the cut out wrapping paper onto a piece of grade a or b plywood.

Step 2- Cut

*Now that you have the shape of your skimboard traced out onto a piece of wood it is time to cut it out. I recommend using a jigsaw for this step. Be very carefull when cutting out your skimboard because any minor irregularities can result in a crooked simboard that doesn’t ride as well. *Now that you have your skimboard cut out you should sand it. Sand the whole board. First sand it with rough grit sandpaper then medium and finally fine. The most important thing to sand are the rails. The rails should be rounded and curved (but only on the top side, sanding the bottom edge of your rails will result in a much slower skimboard.) *rails- the edges or sides of the skimboard.

How to make a skimboard?

Step 3- Bend

*Now it is time to add rocker to your board. Rocker is how much the front of your skimboard curves up. Rocker is needed so that the nose of your skimboard would not dig into the sand. From a centimeter to .5 inches of rocker would be optimal, but remember that too much rocker will make your board go a lot slower. *The first step in acquiring rocker is quite easy. Just soak the front half of your board in water for 3 to 4 days *Now comes the hard part. When your skimboard is done soaking in water it is time to apply clamps. There are two ways to do this.

*First method – For this you will need 2 small clamps and 3 pieces of wood. The first piece of wood should be about as long as your skimboard and about as wide. Put your skimboard on this piece of wood.

Now get another piece of wood that is about 1 inch tall. Put this between your skimboard and the other piece of wood at the very front of the board at the nose.

Now you just need one more piece of wood. This piece must be as wide as the skimboard and about 6 inches long. Put this piece on top of the skimboard near the very front.

Now clamp this piece down to the bottom piece that is under the skimboard. Tighten it and the front of the skimboard should start to curve. Once you have the skimboard bent so it has enough rocker leave it in the clamps for several days until it dries.

-this all may sound very confusing, but after you get the board and the clamps out, it’s really not that hard to figure out.

*The second method to applying rocker is very easy but may not result in an as good product. This technique is to lay two pieces of wood under your skimboard at the tail and nose (or two bricks exc.). Then put something heavy on the top of your skimboard to make it bend down in the middle. If you don’t like both of these ways to add rocker just be creative because there are lots of other ways to apply rocker to your board. Remember I invented the first method of applying rocker and if these two ways confuse you think of your own way. There are endless ways to apply rocker and these are just some examples.

Step 4- Glass

Now that your skimboard is completely shaped it is time to glass it. * Notice that fiberglass resin is very messy and will stain and ruin things. For this reason do this step outside where you don’t care if it gets messy. *For this step you will need the fiberglass resin, fiberglass cloth, brushes, acetone, and gloves.

-Start by laying your skimboard upside down on two bricks (or anything that will raise it off the ground.) On the bottom side of your board apply 1 thick coat of fiberglass resin. Now lay the fiberglass cloth on top of the resin. Brush on one more coat of fiberglass resin on top of the fiberglass cloth.

Rinse your hands and brushes with acetone. Allow the resin to dry for a few hours before going onto the next step.

*When the resin settles and hardens you can now cut off the excess fiberglass cloth. You can use a sharp knife, rasp, and sandpaper to do this. Make sure to cut off all the sharp edges.

*Now it is time to apply resin to the other side of your board. Notice that this side does not kneed fiberglass cloth. Apply one heavy coat of fiberglass to the top side of the board. Allow the board to dry.

Now you can sand out your board. By this time your board should be looking like a real skimboard.

*Now it is time for your final coats of fiberglass resin and your board will be complete. Apply another layer of resin to the top and bottom of the board. Make sure to let each side dry before going to the next one. If you messed up a little while applying the resin remember that you can always sand that out. (Remember that if you sand your board after your last coat it will retain a dull non shiny appearance.)

* Remember that when you finish there should be two coats of resin on the top of the board and three coats on the bottom plus a layer of fiberglass after the first layer.

Step 5- Go skim Go to the beach and have a great time skimming!