How To Make Sure Your Dog Gets Good Nutrition?

It is easy to be overwhelmed by the ever-growing number of dog health supplements and dog food choices available today.

Different dogs do have different dietary needs.  Growing puppies require larger amounts of calories, protein, vitamins, and minerals than do adult animals.  Pregnant or nursing dogs also have increased nutritional requirements for calories, protein, and calcium. These can be found in the highest quality dog food and dog health supplements. Older dogs don’t require as much protein as their younger counterparts, but they do need high quality nutrition for optimal performance of their kidneys.

Also, dry, flaky skin and a dull coat are red flags that your dog suffers from a lack of nutrients.  Switching to a higher-quality food source and giving your dog supplements can make a world of difference in his appearance and in his overall health.  If your dog is overweight, due to over indulgence or lack of exercise, he may benefit from a lower-calorie dog food.

A growing number of pet food manufacturers are producing foods that include natural, wholesome nutritional ingredients. Unfortunately, in most brands, the processing operation destroys the live enzymes so important for healthy dogs.

Your dog’s diet does make a difference.  Poor nutrition compromises their overall health, just as it does for their human counterparts.  Feed your dog a high quality dog food with ingredients that meet his needs. Inferior quality dog food can cause food allergies, a compromised digestive system and a deficient immune system.  This suppressed immune system can be the reason for many chronic health problems and impaired quality of life.

How To Make Sure Your Dog Gets Good Nutrition?

Targeted dog supplements can help address the issue of nutritional deficiency due to poor-quality dog food fed to most dogs.  For instance, dog health supplements containing phytonutrients provide a broad spectrum of essential nutritional support for his every day needs to maintain healthy immune and liver function.  Supplements containing Omega 3 and Omega 6 plus vitamins A, D and E are beneficial for healthy skin and shiny coat.  Adding Glucosamine and MSM will help maintain joint and connective tissue.

Your dog deserves the best.  Share your love and provide him with quality dog food and nutritional dog supplements for a healthy diet.  With your help he will enjoy his safe and happy home for many years to come.