How to make the baby blocks cake?

Amy Marpoe, from Commerce City, Colorado made this beautiful baby blocks cake. She has given her instructions below, if you’d like to make this too.

First off this cake would be much easier to make if I had the proper cake pans. I however made 1/2 sheet cakes and cut out the various sized peices for the blocks and had to ‘paste’ it all together w/ frosting.

To make this cake properly, use a 10″, 8″, and 6 or 4″ square cake pans. Make three cakes in each size. Frost cakes in shower colors.

On bottom block, I used cookie cutters (duck, star, heart, footprint) as stencils and star tipped in.

How to make the baby blocks cake?

On middle block, I spelled B A B Y on each side…top block I left plain.

I used a cake stand to place top two blocks on the bottom…after transporting to the party! Top two blocks are held in place w/ a dowel through the center.