How to make the baby buggy cake?

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Amy submitted this beautiful baby buggy cake:


This cake is a fun baby shower cake. Needed 1/2 sheet cake, 1 oval cake, 3 sugar cookies. After cooling cakes, I cut 1/4 section out of the oval cake and placed on top of the sheet cake. Frost entire cake w/ white frosting. Basket weave bottom 1/2 of oval cake (buggy) and place ruffles on top portion.

For wheels, frost 3 large sugar cookies. I placed Royal icing flower daisies in middle to represent spokes.

(This image is just a picture I found on the internet. The recipe presented here will not make the cake exactly like this)

How to make the baby buggy cake?

Cut one cookie in half (these become the bottom wheels). Place the full cookies on bottom of buggy, hold in place with frosting and toothpicks inserted under for support. Place a frosting baby head looking out of buggy. Great way to welcome the new baby!