How To Make The Old Snowboard Look LIke New?

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Sick of you’re old board but don’t have the funds to buy a new one? Why not give you’re board a NEW LOOK.. painting snowboards.

Start off by doing some drawings, or getting someone else who is artistically talented to put sum sketches together. Then enlarge them using a photocopy of just large sketches, First you want to spray paint you’re you’re board to get one even base coat, then make a stencil of you’re design you wish to put on the board.

Now Employ That Creative Flare

So now that you’ve got you’re pattern all sorted, now comes the painting, make sure you lay some paper down, n be really precise, spray paint you’re board, be sure to get the colours right, and make sure to cover any parts of the board you do not want to be the colour you are painting.

If you’re design has various colour components, you may want to make a number of stensils and slowly layer the colour, you will need to allow time to do this, as the paint will need to be dried before new stencils can be applied.

How To Make The Old Snowboard Look LIke New?

Once you’ve applied all of the paint, and got you’re board looking slick, you need to fix the paint to the board. So head to you’re local hardware stored and buy some sort of a clear varnish, or fixing product and spray that over you’re design, if you get one with a high shine, it will give you’re board a wicked look.

The best thing about this process, is you have a unique board, which is totally personalized and perfect for you.