How to make the sleeping baby boy cake?

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Mary N. from Middletown, Maryland has created this beautiful sleeping baby boy cake. Her instructions follow:

This cake is a chocolate and yellow cake. I baked the cakes a day in advance. This was for a lady who knew she was having a baby boy.

I first frosted the cake with a blue buttercream icing.I used a small star tip to make the border with white buttercream icing. After it was iced I placed baby blue bowed pacifier and baby bottles around both their of the cake.

I made the first blanket, solid plain white, out of very thinly rolled out gum paste.

I immediately placed the solid white sheet slightly hanging over the top cake. As I placed it I gently let it fall just as if it were truly a blanket being placed down. I then laid the baby on the solid white blanket . After the baby was placed where I felt I liked it, I made a second blanket just as first. I etched in lines the painted yellow lines over the etched lines. This gave it texture.

(We found this picture on the internet…your cake might not look exactly like this)

How to make the sleeping baby boy cake?

I then placed this blanket same as first but slightly off of the white blanket. I then bordered the textured top blanket with small round white piped dots.Only on exposed edging. This cake took me about 45 minutes to decorate. 20 minutes to ice. The cake was already made the day before.