How To Make The Tempura Batter?

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Tempura is a Japanese dish of deep fried battered vegetables or seafood, or Tempura ice cream. Tempura batter is very easy to make and can be used to fry just about anything some people now use this batter to fry western type food.

You can find Tempura batter mixing flour at any Japanese or Asian market if not you can used Wheat flour or all purpose flour.

If you are able to get Tempura batter mix in your area follow this instructions.

  • - 1 Cup Tempura batter Mix
  • - 1 Cup Ice Cold Water
  • - 1 Egg

Shift flour into bowl than crack open egg mix together with flour, Now take 1 cup cold water pour it slowly while mixing until the batter consistency looks like a pancake batter than you know it done if you need to add more water do so, but don’t over do it.

How To Make The Tempura Batter?

If you are using wheat flour or all purpose flour following this instructions.

  • - 1 Cup Wheat or All purpose flour
  • - 3/4 Cup Cornstarch
  • - 1 Teaspoon baking soda or powder
  • - 1 Egg
  • - 1 Cup Ice cold water

Shift all the dry ingredient together into bowl, add the egg mix them together, then the cold water mix them slowly till the consistency looks like a pancake batter.

Now, you can add spices into your mix to give it a kick. The water do have to be very cold for the mix to come out right.