How to Make Women Want You Madly and Desperately and 3 Things Lesbians Can Teach You

Now that you’ve made your list of what you have to offer and what you want, it’s worth it to take a moment to get a reality check on what women want.

Clearly you have an idea of what you think women want. But I can pretty much guarantee your position is probably a bit skewed. After all, if you had a realistic picture of what women truly want, you would know what you need to present in order to give that to women, and you would already have a woman … and therefore wouldn’t need to be reading this!

Take a moment to come up with a list of things you think women want in a man. Your list probably includes things like handsome, slim, tall, nice car, lots of money, etc., right? Your idea of what women want is probably mostly geared toward outside, appearance-based things.

While appearance-based or outward things definitely play a role in attracting a woman, they are only the things that make a first impression. They aren’t the thing that keeps women coming back for more. Now if your goal for finding a woman is to have a one-night stand and that’s it, then move on to another article. You will find many tips to help you attract women for the sole purpose of wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am. But this one ain’t it! (Click here for wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am).

So for the rest of you who are looking for something more than a one-night stand, what do women truly want?

How to Make Women Want You Madly and Desperately and 3 Things Lesbians Can Teach You

Make women want you with confidence.

Probably the number one, most important thing women want is a man who is sure of himself (confident) and can keep her safe. I lump these two things together, even though they are slightly different, because an air of confidence leads a woman to believe a man can keep her safe. Alternatively, a man who is not confident, who doesn’t have an air of self-assurance, is someone who is perceived to be weak, and therefore can’t keep himself or anyone else safe.

Why is safety so important for women? If you are asking this question, then clearly you don’t watch the news!

All kidding aside, our world isn’t exactly the safest place, especially for women. Even confident women want to feel safe and feel taken care of.

I’ll tell you a story about two friends of mine to help illustrate the concept of safety and why it’s so important.


How to Make Women Want You: Two Lesbians Tell…

I have two friends, Sarah and Jane. They’re actually lesbians. Sarah’s a tiny woman, slight in build, slender, and her presence is what I would call meek. She walks with hunched shoulders, often hiding behind baggy clothes and plenty of layers. In general, I just don’t find her terribly confident.

I’ve known Sarah for quite some time, and it was no surprise when she started dating Jane. I knew right away why Sarah was attracted to her. Jane is a tall woman, over six feet, and she exudes this confidence in her presence. It’s not just about her height – it’s also about her attitude. I knew immediately when I met Jane that Sarah felt safe with her. Heck, I felt safe with Jane around!

One night Jane and I were sitting around talking. Sarah wasn’t home yet. Even though I’d known Jane for several years, it was probably the first time we had an in-depth conversation about who we are as people. I was shocked to find that Jane was actually quite insecure about herself, and what she really wanted, and got from Sarah, was a sense of security. Jane, who has a huge physical presence, exudes confidence from her pores, walks around like the tough girl who can make mincemeat of anyone or anything that crosses her path, actually wants someone to take care of her and make her feel safe and secure!

All along I thought it was Sarah gaining security from Jane, and part of Jane’s purpose was to provide that security for Sarah. Sure, Jane does give Sarah a sense of security and safety, and she does enjoy doing that for Sarah, but she also gains the same thing from Sarah.


Make Women Want You by Making Them Feel Safe and Secure.

And Jane’s not unique. Since that experience with Jane, I went on a mission to find out if this was true for other women. Sure enough, the majority of the time I found women really do want a man to make them feel safe and secure. Most women won’t outright admit it, but if you ask them point-blank, usually they’ll admit that on some level, yes, they do want a man who is confident and secure in himself because that makes them feel safe.