How to make your field goal distance and height long and high?

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To maximize field goal distance and height, there are a few training exercises you can use to improve your technique. Successfully practicing these exercises will help you experience your full field goal kicking potential.

Take time to practice the procedures necessary to determine your best kicking parameters. Find out what works for you by using some of the simple field goal kicking exercises noted below. By learning to control and expand your abilities, you will succeed in the kicking game.

The start of field goal distance training.

Once you feel comfortable with your approach, kick, & follow-through techniques, it is time to focus on controlling the ball’s height. To establish your maximum field goal distance, it is essential that you apply consistent football height strategies to your field goal kicking game.

Before you turn lose on the football field, you may want to begin these kicking exercises by working with a field goal kicking net. This will give you the opportunity to practice many more kicks in a far shorter period of time since you won’t need to go far to retrieve the football. And the more opportunities you have to kick the football, the better you will become.

The following kicking exercises will enable you to systematically learn to control the height of the football with easily available materials. For this exercise you will need the following: your soccer-style kicking shoe(s), at least two footballs, a tee, and a field goal kicking net.

When practicing with the net, focus on getting lift on the football each time you kick by visualizing a higher and higher target. Eventually, you’ll want to enlist the help of friends to practice kicking field goals toward your ultimate target – field goal posts. Having a friend or two helping to retrieve the kicked footballs would be very advantageous.

How to make your field goal distance and height long and high?

A good exercise to consistently kick the ball high.

This exercise should take place on the football field. Begin by placing a football on a tee at the seven-yard line and kick the football over the crossbars. Continue kicking the ball over the crossbars until you are able to accomplish ten successful kicks in a row.

Once you’ve successfully accomplished this task, advance your kicking position toward the goal posts in one-half yard increments, applying the same ten-successful-kicks criteria to each half-yard position. Continue toward the goal posts until you have successfully completed this exercise at the final distance of five-and-one-half yards.

Work at this exercise every other day, concentrating on getting more and more lift on the football each time. Once proficient at kicking field goals from this close range, and if you have a fresh leg, try moving closer than the 5-1/2 yard line.

See how close you can get to the goal posts, setting personal bests along the way. The closer you successfully kick the ball through the uprights, the better your leg lift is.

Successfully completing this practice means that you are less likely to have your kick blocked during a football game because it was too low.

Determining your maximum field goal distance.

Generally, the distance the ball travels is based on how hard and high you kick the football.

To maximize your field goal distance, you will need the following materials: notebook, pen, soccer-style shoe(s), footballs, tees, and a marked football field. An assistant to retrieve the footballs and to help note ball travel distances would also be of much help.

Begin by kicking the football ten times at the same height. After each kick, write down the distance the football has traveled. Now kick the ball ten more times a little higher, but at the same height all ten times. Again note the distance the football traveled after each of these kicks.

If the distance is farther on the second ten kicks, raise the height a little more and continue to note the results using the same procedures. If the ball distance was less on the second set of kicks, you will need to try a series of ten kicks at a level lower than the first series and follow the same process.

Continue this process until you can determine the specific height that works best for you to achieve your maximum field goal distance. Once this is established, it is essential for you to develop consistency of height with practice at that level.

Knowing and working on these new parameters will allow you to consistently achieve your goals with confidence.