How to make your football shoulder pads more comfortable?

My 9 year old son came home from his first few football practices quite bruised up, especially around the shoulder area.

On another parent’s recommendation, I bought him an Under Armour shirt, short sleeve for summer, crew neck. (I now buy long sleeve, crew neck, for winter.)

Wearing this top under the shoulder pads minimizes the rubbing of the shoulder pads against the skin, and allows for a more comfortable, protected, “skin” under the pads.

Although another brand may work too, make sure the shirt fit is snug, and the seams are smooth, as this can be an abrasive area under the pads too. In the heat, the shirt wicks away perspiration. In the cold, it helps keep warm.

How to make your football shoulder pads more comfortable?

Also, if the shoulder pad adjustable straps under the arm tend to loosen during play, try taping them with bandage tape to keep them from loosening. If the pads are sitting too loose on the shoulders, and there is a lot of jostling of the pads, areas of abrasion and bruises can happen on shoulders and neck.