How to make your own lowfat recipes?

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Lowfat recipes shouldn’t make you feel like you’re eating “bird-seed” every day!

Eating low fat food is easy when you know how. You can use low fat cooking techniques to fit your own needs.

There are three major ways in which you can make your own fat reduced recipes, cook the food you love and still cut down on the bad fats. Remember, though, that you don’t want to cut your fat intake altogether.

The first way to make your own lowfat recipes is to cut down on the high fat ingredients and substitute them for their low fat counterparts. Some examples of this type of substitution are listed below:

High Fat Foods Grams of Fat Per 100g* Foods Lower In Fat Grams of Fat Per 100g*
Sour Cream 20.96 Skim Milk Plain Yogurt 0.18
Vegetable Corn Oil 100 Water 0
Whole Milk 3.46 Non Fat Milk 0.18
Regular Ground Beef Mince 26.55 Lean Mince 17.06
Regular Mozzarella Cheese 32.11 Part Skim Mozzarella Cheese 21.6

*Figures are averages only and have been obtained from the Nutribase Database.

Substituting ingredients means that you can in many instances still cook the food you like and follow a low fat diet plan. YThe second method of making your own lowfat recipes is to change the methods you use to cook your meals.

How to make your own lowfat recipes?

In many of the recipes I use, it may say to fry something. Instead of frying the food, why not reach for the teflon frying pan and a touch of water. Now you can’t always do this but for many recipes you can get similar results as if you had cooked the food in oil. When you do cook without adding oil, you will be reducing the fat content of the food you’re about to eat.

  • Try poaching an egg instead of frying it;
  • Steam the vegetables instead of baking or shallow frying in oil;
  • Experiment with cooking with the microwave – don’t just use it to defrost;
  • Grill meat with a fat drainer.

The third method of cutting your fat intake is to cut down on the amount of processed foods you buy. Things such as sausages, meat paddies, chips and commercially made pizza. All these foods contain relatively high amounts of fat. So by choosing lean cuts of meat that have not undergone high levels of processing, and purchasing raw ingredients for chips and pizza, you can control how much fat is in your food. When you do this, you can consciously engineer lowfat recipes to suit your health needs.