How to pay for the public transport in Singapore?

    • Cash:
      Cash is only available for bus. You can check the fare (sometimes at the bus stop or by asking the bus driver) and pay the exact amount to the bus captain/ driver.Paying cash is normally about S$0.20 more expensive than using Ez-link card per ride.
    • Single-ride ticket:
      The ticket is only for riding on MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) train. You can buy it at the MRT ticketing counter or at the machine. You can check your direction and the fare here.This is the picture of the ticketing machine.
    • How to pay for the public transport in Singapore?
      Did you see the sign that littering, smoking, eating or drinking, and carrying flammable liquid or gas are not allowed for MRT ( and all type of public transport in Singapore)?

      You’ll be fine from S$500 to S$5000 depending on the offences.

    • Ez-link Card:
      Most locals use Ez-link card to ride on bus or MRT. It’s convenient & cheaper! Just tap the card to the card reader and you are set to get around the city.You can buy the ez-link card at ticketing counter at all bus terminals and MRT station.

      The card sold at the ticketing counter priced at S$15.00. It consists of S$5.00 non-refundable cost for the card itself, S$3.00 travel deposit and S$7.00 stored value.

      You can use credit card to top-up the card value with fee of S$0.25 per transaction.

    • Singapore Tourist Pass:
      If you need freedom to get around Singapore, Singapore Tourist Pass would be the right choice for you.It offers unlimited number of rides on all public transport in Singapore.

      For S$8 a day, the card offers the visitors an option to buy one, two or three days of unlimited travel on buses and trains.