How to pick good wedding guest accommodations?

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How will you arrange the wedding guest accommodation?

When planning your wedding you should bare in mind your guests happiness and well being. Having a good plan for the wedding guest accommodations will make this easier.

Some of your guests might be from out of town. It is important that you make arrangement and wedding guest accommodations for these guests while in town.

They will most likely be needing a plays to stay the day before the wedding and the night after the wedding.


You can arrange for the guests to stay in your home. Such wedding guest accommodations can be a good choice if you have lots of space, good nerves and only expect to have a few guests from out of town.

Bare in mind that on the days before your wedding day you and your future husband/wife might be a little bit stressed out….

Do you really want to play the part as serving host so close to the wedding. You probably have enough on your mind.

How to pick good wedding guest accommodations?

An exception would be if your best friend or close relatives are from out of town and need wedding guest accommodations. Having them close to you on the days before the wedding can be a relief and give you the extra energy you need.

An alternative might be to arrange private wedding guest accommodations with close relatives or friends in the town of the wedding. Giving you have close relatives with the space and ability to accommodate the guests.


If you do not have the time, energy or space to accommodate the guests in your home you should consider booking them in a nearby hotel or motel.

Pick one close to your home or close to the beach where you are having your wedding/wedding reception.

Picking a good hotel is important. Your guests should feel welcomed and appreciated so do not pick any old hotel of the book.

It does not have to be the most pricy or fancy hotel. The most important is that the wedding guest accommodations are clean, homey and has a cosy atmosphere. Do some research before you make the booking.

You should make the reservations for wedding guest accommodations as soon as you know how many is coming and at least 1-2 month prior to the wedding depending on how popular your wedding area is with tourist and how many wedding guest accommodations you need.

I know it is hard to pick a good hotel. It is especially difficult if you are not from the area or do not know the areas hotels that well.

You can of course surf the net and find the hotels web page but it is easy to get fooled by their web info. The hotel will always tell you their place is fabulous no matter what.

But do not worry. There are good info web pages on the net that can help you.

Tripadvisor is great help for anyone who need a real honest judgement on wedding guest accommodations – hotels and places to spend the vacation

I stumbled across this page a couple of years ago and it has been a goldmine to me ever since.

It gives you personal, 1.hand critics from people that have stayed in and seen hotels, attractions and places all over the world.

I have used this page effectively for the past two years and have found great hotels in both London, Paris and lately Riga where I spent my Easter holiday.