How to pick his and hers wedding bands?

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His and hers wedding bands are very personal. You must find one that you feel matches your style and that you are comfortable with.

Remember you will be wearing this ring every day for the rest of your life…

- look for rings that have inside curving. That means they will be softer and more comfortable to wear than rings that have a flat inside.

- Inside or outside engraving of name and dates for the wedding – I know it is common to stick to an inside engraving and a plain gold band ring. However lately it has been popular to engrave the outside of the ring instead.

- Have you considered engraving any special symbol inside or outside the ring?

- Identical rings or should she get a small diamond on hers? You can also choose to wear different metals but with a similar style.

- Most couples choose gold rings as they symbolize the warmth and love of a marriage. Be sure to look at the mark inside. For gold quality. 24k is the most pure gold but also the softest. If you wish to avoid too much scratches (you can not totally avoid it after all this is an every day jewellery) you might choose a gold ring of 14k or 18k.

- Why not choose platinum if you have the cash for it! It is a stylish metal and also the hardest you can get which make it a perfect symbol of everlasting love. If you have alloys you should consider this because it is more pure than even gold.

How to pick his and hers wedding bands?

- You might wish to include a gem for his and hers wedding bands.

Be aware of the gems softness before you decide the stone. The softer the weaker. There is a scale called Mohs scale that registers the stones ability to resist abrision. 1 being the weakest and 10 the hardest. You should not pick a gem that is softer than nr 7 on Mohs scale for his and hers wedding bands the wedding ring. Ask the jeweller for help. Here is a list of the most common gems and their Mohs scale ranking

Diamonds 10 Rubies 9 Sapphire 9 Emerald 8 Topaz 8 Aquamarine 7.5 to 8 Amethyst 7 Garnet 6.5 to 7.5 Opal 6

Remember that it is possible and also advisable to insure the rings.

- So there you go How to pick his and hers wedding bands? Go buy the rings folks!