How to Please Men?

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How to please men… what an interesting phrase. This is what women everywhere want to know, like it’s so darn hard to figure out. I’m not surprised – pleasing people is what most women are wired to do, and it’s frustrating when your man can’t tell when you’re trying to please him. But men are made differently than women, and they have a whole other set of priorities for their emotional lives. This can make pleasing men seem more difficult than it actually is. To tell the truth, there is one sure way to please any mentally and emotionally healthy man in existence. I’ll give you three guesses to figure out what it is.

How to Please Men?

“Oh, it must be sex.”

Wrong. This is high up on most men’s emotional priority list, but it isn’t a guarantee that they’ll be happy with you and want to have a long-term relationship with you. Besides, sex is only a good thing after marriage, and for several good reasons.  Pretty much, if you have sex with a man, you will be bonded to him, but he won’t necessarily be bonded to you. This is scientifically proven and echoed in every religious text I’ve ever heard of – abstinence makes you happier in the long run.

So, what’s your second guess about how to please men?

“I guess it’s getting ‘babied.’”

How to Please Men?

Not really, no. Men do like to be taken care of when they’re sick – it’s like a little vacation from having to be strong and manly all the time, which he’s not going to feel like doing if he’s really not well. But no emotionally and mentally healthy man likes to be treated like a baby all the time, especially when he doesn’t need it. There are some guys who like for you to be the grownup and don’t ever take responsibility for making their own living, cleaning up their own mess, and dealing with their own problems. Those guys are moochers, and they are exhausting to live with. It’s like having a giant kid living with you, except not so cute. That kind of relationship will suck you dry and leave you with nothing but resentment – not what I recommend.

Third try for how to please men?

“Not being pressured to commit to a relationship?”

Honestly, you think that how to please men involves not asking for what you need? How are you going to be happy like that? You need to think about what will please yourself, too.

If you want your man to commit to you and he won’t, then you need to get rid of your commitment to him. (Which gets back to the no sex before marriage rule – if you’ve bonded with him, this step is going to hurt more than was absolutely necessary.) I’ve heard it said that men will do anything for sex – even make a commitment for life. That’s what you should be aiming for.

How to Please Men?

But first, he needs to enjoy your company, which brings us to the original question: How to please men?

Easy. Respect him as a man. You can’t be fake about it. You have to understand how they operate and genuinely appreciate that. Men like to strive and compete and win and end up heroes.  They like to be appreciated for the things they do. They like to have the little things they care about taken care of. Men like to be needed. But most of all, men like to be respected.

If you always treat your man like an equal, if you are reasonable when you’re angry and gentle when you speak to him, if you always speak well of him to other people and don’t mind telling him you admire him, then you already know how to please men.