How to prepare for kicking field goals on gameday?

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Kicking field goals consistently and accurately requires good pre-game preparation. It is important to understand and know how to make the necessary decisions to stay on top of your game. Just showing up at the field is not enough. To excel as a placekicker you will need to apply extra effort.

Remember to never do any weight training two days before any game. Your muscles need time to rest. You should, however, practice your warm-up, stretching, and kicks into the field goal net, six days per week. Then pre-game, you should always do the same.

Getting ready for the game.

It is a very good idea to get the field early enough to check out the field conditions and to practice kicking on that field. You should first walk around the field to check the softness of the surface. You need to determine which cleats to wear for those specific conditions.

Try to arrive at the field before the opposing team so that you have an opportunity to practice your kicks on the opponent’s side first. Make sure that you have done your warm-ups and stretches before starting to practice your kicks. Then start with three extra-point kicks from the center of the field.

How to prepare for kicking field goals on gameday?

Then from both the right and left hash marks start with two ten-yard field goal kicks. Then start backing-up along the hash marks and do one kick on each side at the fifteen, twenty, twenty-five, and thirty-yard lines. Now from the center of the field, do one field goal kick from the ten, fifteen, twenty, twenty-five, thirty, and forty yard-lines. Then do two additional field goal kicks either from past the forty-yard-line or from the furthest distance that you can successfully kick the ball.

Pre-game prep for kicking field goals.

Before kicking field goals during the game, you should check, pre-game, both ends of the field to determine wind direction and velocity. You need to assess carefully to determine the greatest distance that you can accurately kick the football from both ends of the field with the current conditions.

Based on the various field and weather conditions on game day, you should always inform your coach of anything that may affect your normal performance. Remember to always keep your tees in sight during the game. You will never have time to search for a tee when need one.

Kicking field goals when no field practice is possible.

You should prepare for kicking field goals even when you cannot practice on the field prior to the game. The worst thing that you can do is to simply stand around doing nothing. Do some walking or jogging back-and-forth and then do your stretching routine.

Get pre-game practice kicking field goals by using a football tee and kicking into the field goal kicking net. While you kick, you should practice your form, while focusing on your approach speed. It is also a good idea to practice kicking from difficult angles, as well as, from on-side. Remember to keep properly warmed-up and stretched so that you can maintain consistent performance during the game.