How to prepare herbal teas?

Fresh or dried herbs can be used but if using fresh material always use twice the volume i.e. 1 x teaspoon dried herbs = 2 x teaspoons fresh per cup.

For optimum benefit and flavour use filtered or spring water and the water should be hot, not boiling.Boiling water can scald some herbs thus impairing the flavour.

Only use glass or china implements to make your tea, some herbs will react with metal and ruin the flavour.

How to prepare herbal teas?

Allow the herbs to infuse for 5/10 minutes according to your taste and then strain out the herbs before drinking. Never leave it to brew for longer than 10 minutes unless specified in the recipe as steeping for too long will increase the bitterness.

Some herbs are bitter by nature.If you really find it too bitter then adding a little honey to sweeten it will help.

Always allow your tea to cool slightly before sipping it slowly, there is no pleasure in a burnt lip or tongue!

If you prefer, you can also drink your herbal tea chilled and they make a refreshing alternative to commercial juices. Just follow the process above, allow it to cool completely then pop it in the refrigerator to chill. Hey presto! a healthy summer drink