How To Prepare Sushi Rice?

Most people don’t know that sushi means vinegar rice, as you know it’s the most important ingredient you will need to have to make sushi.

Cooking it right take a lot of practice that’s was one of the first thing I learn, before I can even start rolling sushi.

I spent about 3 month to properly use the right amount for the perfect rice. If it doesn’t cook right than it wouldn’t come out the way it should.

Short grain rice are perfect for sushi and is the best to use, because it require to be sticky. Long grain rice is drier and don’t stick so it not a good type.

You can get them at any local Japanese are Asian market the brand we use is Nishiki.

Before you start you would need the following essentials: rice cooker, wooden sushi tube (hangiri), flat wooden paddle (Shamoji), and rice vinegar – you can buy these already mix with salt and sugar.

One good rice vinegar brand is Mitsukan.

How To Prepare Sushi Rice?

How To Prepare Sushi Rice?

Before starting to cook rice, always clean your rice first in cold water at least 3 times. When cleaning gently rub, turn, and toss the rice don’t put any pressure on the rice, now follow these information’s some people do it a little different.

NOTE: For best result, water should be filled till it’s One inch above the rice you can use your index finger to measure.

While the rice is cooking soak the wooden sushi tub and the paddle in cold water for a good 20-30 min take it out and wipe with a dry towel. This will prevent the rice from sticking and from absorb all the vinegar.

After the rice is cook take it out transfer it to the tub. Quickly gently break up the rice, because it only good to mix while it still hot so just follow these direction.

Step:1- Break up the rice, crisscrossing it with the side paddle don’t put pressure.

Step:2-Pour vinegar evenly over rice following the chart.

The tip is not to put to much rice vinegar just enough to cover all the rice, so if it looks like it need a little more just keep adding till the rice is evenly covered.

Step:3-Turn your rice over don’t push it, holding your paddle horizontally, insert it into the rice move it back and forth, pushing portion of rice to the side.

The goal is to evenly distribute the rice vinegar.

Now if you want, you can fan the rice for 1 or 2 min to warm it down, or you can let it sit for about 10 min so the rice vinegar can be absorb into the rice.

I hope this will help you make your first sushi rice it takes time to get right, but once you do you’ll be able to make good sushi rice for that perfect sushi roll. The rice is the main ingredient and without it there would be no sushi.