How to price your art work?

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A very tricky area of art is the subject of pricing your own work.

This seems to be a sore point with all artists when it comes to the pains of wondering what would be a fair price for their individual art work.

I am no different, it doesn’t get any easier, I have been producing and selling my art for many years now for the world market, and I still ponder at what sort of price would be fair, the economic conditions, and all of this without under pricing your own art work..phew… that was a long one!

I guess the first thing we really need to talk about there is the necessity of- do you really need to work at selling your art work?

There is a fine line here when we get into this subject, if your work is not well known, you need to promote yourself.

So yes you do need to make an effort to get your name and products out there in front of people. This really applies with everything, but I want to home in on selling our art work here. And there are always different complexities in doing this.

Every product has a different sales area and every interest can be a sale able. If somebody is passionate about something, with art lesson plans, you can make good sales potential.

So where do you start?

There’s allot to tackle here so I am going to go through the basics of what you need to consider and where you need to focus your efforts. And I’m not only talking about the sale of a product, it’s the art product itself..

I’ve been in this game long enough to become fairly savvy to what will work and what wont, it’s rocky waters that were going to be traveling on here, but its just like the “stock market” ever changing. Just not as fast, though it is to do with trends as well.

How to price your art work?


I try to always price for my time and materials. This is paramount in your decision making, it might seem a bit of a drag to workout how much paint you have used and other materials, you might feel as though you are back at school with your calculator in hand. Though it really needs to be done, so scribbling away on your spare piece of paper all your equations and multiplications might seem as though you are trying to work out the answer to the universe. Don’t get too number bound, it gets easier.

What to Sell?

If I had a dollar at the amount of people trying to work out what is the best thing to sell, I would not have to do anymore work. But seriously…. here we are… talking about what the trends are at a certain time of the year, or the century even,  ahhhhhhh……….

Sure you can go with the trends of the year, but it all comes down to realizing what works, and is selling at the time. This can change, and its a good idea to recognize what is going to make you more money in sales and what can boost your popularity in certain art circles that you fit into.

And there are many different blogs, forums and online communities to seek out in order to become known in what you do for your art lesson plans.

Doing what you Love

You wouldn’t be in art if you didn’t love it RIGHT! and you wouldn’t be in a certain area or medium of art if it didn’t interest you the most RIGHT?

So you are doing something you love and also making that love for something give you more freedom by reaping the rewards of getting paid for it.

I cant think of any artist who wouldn’t rather be doing their art full time as a job. Getting paid for something you love is the intimate satisfaction.

This leads me to breaking the news to you that sometimes you have to do some art that is not of your choice. I’m not saying that you have to go into another form of art, what I’m saying that you are going to have to listen to the people and what they want.

Not what you think they want!

There is a great difference here, I have learnt this, and sometimes it has been a hard lesson to swallow, but a lesson well worth learning when it came to my art lesson plans.

And when your ship has wind in its sails to propel you forwards, then, and only then, you can start to determine what you want to do and still reap the rewards.

Recessions ay make us think twice about getting our art out there, and recessions to hurt any business, but you don’t see every business stopping what they do in theses times of crisis do you? of course not, you have to ride the storm, but do it with that edge of savvy, get your facts right and get onto the right path in the first place. From people who have already learnt these lessons….