How To Put On Skateboard Wheels?

You will need to open your skateboard wheels and bearings. You need two bearings for each wheel.

Now you need to put the bearings inside of the wheels. To do this line up the bearing with the opening in the wheel. You can also place just one bearing on one of your trucks. Now push the wheel on to the bearing using your truck. The bearings should pop right in with some force. Turn the wheel around and put a bearing in the other side.

Repeat this for all eight bearings. Now you just need to put your wheels on your board. To do this, place one washer on your truck. Next place the wheel on. Follow this up with another washer and then place the nut on to the truck.

Repeat for all wheels. Tighten up the nuts. I will usually tighten them pretty good. Until I can’t tighten them anymore. Then I will loosen them slowly until there is just enough room so that I can wiggle my wheel back and forth.

You are now ready to skate my friend. I hope you’ve enjoyed putting your board together and are excited about skateboarding. I know I am excited just thinking about someone putting their first board together!

How To Put On Skateboard Wheels?