How to Read Body Language

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When you have some free time, go to a place where there are a lot of people. Malls are great places to people watch. Parks where there are a lot of people are also good places, except that people tend to be more relaxed at a park.

Food courts (like those found in a mall) are great places to observe lots of different people. Fast food restaurants, or deli-style restaurants where you can sit and eat are also good places to observe.

How to Read Body Language

When you observe people, get a read on how you think they’re feeling. For instance, in a food court, you might see someone dressed in a uniform, or with an id badge, grabbing a quick bite to eat before going back to work.

If they’re in a hurry, you will see that in their body language. Someone who is receiving lousy service while trying to get their food will convey their feeling of frustration through their body language. Notice how people hold their body depending on the situation.

Someone who is tired will move slowly. Someone who has a lot of energy will move quickly. A mother with several kids in tow will behave differently than a mother with an adult child.

Knowing the signs people give you that they are comfortable or uncomfortable will go a long way toward your goal of attracting women. Studying people will give you the knowledge you need to gauge your impact on other people.