How to realize when miracles happen?

This a wonderful uplifting and touching story about miracles.

Read this story for inspiration and comfort and realize that miracles happen to all of us but sometimes we don’t even see them as miracles until much later.

Do you believe in miracles? I do! I had lots of them happen to me in the darkest moments of my life and I became very humble over the years.

The story you are about to read has really touched my heart and changed my life. It is not only a story about a miracle it is also a wonderful love story.

Reading it over and over again I decided that the miraculous part of it was what made this story unique.

It is truly amazing that Thorsten, my husband who encountered a life threatening experience, these days is even able to sit next to me while I am writing our story.

What happened to him just 6 months after we had first met seemed to be a big disaster for his and for my life. But this is not a story about disaster it is a story about miracles that happened to both of us.

How to realize when miracles happen?

Don’t worry about him so, he is a very happy and peaceful person. I have never met anybody who is so much at ease, so truly loving, so free spirited, so forgiving, so generous with his emotions, so spiritual as Thorsten. It wasn’t always like that though.

I met him through a dating line one day after 9/11 when I was still very upset about the brutality and cold anger that had taken so many peoples live.

In all actual fact I only agreed to meet with him for a cup of coffee because I needed to mood alter for a while.