How to religiously discover your potential?

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Attracted by the title I picked up Dr. Myles Munroe’s book and began to read the back cover. He wrote something that I considered being a daring and bold move, “This book will cause you to be uncomfortable with your present state of accomplishment and dissatisfied with resting on your past success. It will turn failure into motivation and mediocrity into excellence.” I sarcastically thought it could not be much different from the other like books I have read in the past. However, something inside me accepted the invitation for the challenge. I did not immediately read the book but added it in my soon to read pile. I was averaging at that time reading three to four books a month.

Dr. Munroe opened his book with what I thought to be the typical expectancy for a book of this nature. He told a story of how one man’s junk is another’s treasure. Still I was not awed but thought if this is going to be a challenge then I need to get the uniqueness of the message soon! I was ready to shift to my scan reading style when I got to chapter two, second paragraph, which read as followed “When we describe God, we often say He is omnipotent. Omnipotent means that God is always potent. Made up of two words: omni, meaning “always,” and potent, meaning “full of power,” omnipotent means that God is potentially everything. He has within Him the potential for all that is, was, or ever will be. He is omni-potent or omnipotent.” Though true, it was not the thought in itself that impressed me rather it caused me to reflect so I continued to read on.

How to religiously discover your potential?

Later in that same chapter he wrote “If God would ever call in His property, we would be in big trouble,” I remember thinking yes that would not be a pretty site considering all things were created by God from Himself. As I continued to read there was always just enough to keep the flame flickering but no real fire. Keep in mind I have read several books of this nature. As I came near the close of chapter seven, I took with me to chapter eight a quote Dr. Munroe wrote, “The potential of a thing is determined by the demands placed upon it by the creator.”

There it was, “The Challenge” at the very top of page 116, four pages into chapter eight. Dr. Myles Munroe instructed me not to die without maximizing my ability and even suggested that would be very irresponsible. In fact, he even told me I have no right to die with what God had put in me to live out. I had to sit a moment and allow that to marinate. Once I moved beyond the unimportant like what his tone may have been here, something new begin to happen within me.

When I arrived at chapter nine, it was as though I had conceived. I could feel every intricate movement of that seed of life traveling through my very being. The uniqueness of what I searched for but was unable to articulate had manifested in chapter nine. I was experiencing the mastery of art cultivating within me. My DNA matched to that of my creator and I conceived responsibility in a new light.

Dr. Munroe illustrated a familiar point unlike any I have every read when he wrote, “As a plant cannot fulfill its potential without being in relationship with the soil, so you cannot fulfill your true potential without being related to God. Thus, Jesus says in the fifteenth chapter of John, “I am the true vine”… Jesus calls Himself the true vine because there are a lot of other vines around to get hooked into: education, philosophy, science, even religion.”

It was then that seed of life within me began to develop unlike before. I had to know the intricateness of God my creator that I might be informed of what was within me waiting to be birth. It is like the tree realizing its potential through an omnipotent God to produce furniture, paper, and wood for fire. In addition, who knows what else because we have only tapped into limited possibilities of an unlimited God. Wow!

The English word exegesis comes from the Greek word exegeisthai, which means to pull out of something an interpretation. Therefore, God is patiently waiting for me to honor my relationship to Him so that He may exegesis through my life an interpretation of all that He is.

He is the force behind the winds, which also He is
That blows across the stormy seas which too is He” – Author Adrian McKay
Moreover, as Dr. Munroe states God must continue to trim away bit by bit the unhealthy relationships, pride, disobedience and procrastination among many other things that would stunt the growth of the vine (me) from reaching my true potential because He is aware that I am not measuring up to the Source from which I came (paraphrased). I wholeheartedly recommend Understanding Your Potential, by Dr. Myles Munroe as a must have, must read and I can confidently say the challenge is on from there. I encourage you to birth the potential within you because someone’s life is depended on it! If the tree can do it, so can you.

by Dr. Myles Munroe