How To Remove a Virus?

Virus software tool
A good software tool is necessary to remove a virus from your computer. We are all familiar with Norton and McAfee products. One or the other has been installed on new computers for years.

Other excellent anti-virus programs include AVG, PC-cillin, and Kaspersky.

Scan your hard drive
The procedure involves a simple scan of your hard drive and then agreeing to remove whatever the program finds. However, when the anti-virus program is not able to remove the virus, you will get a message that the anti-virus software cannot quarantine or remove something, usually a trojan, then what?

Safe mode
Boot into Safe Mode (tap the F8 key before windows starts up). Run your anti-virus program (scan for viruses) and it will be able to remove more malicious programs.

Msconfig is a handy tool. This utility, built into Windows, allows you to stop programs from starting up when Windows starts.

How To Remove a Virus?

Click Start > Run > type in msconfig > startup tab > uncheck suspicious programs > OK > reboot. If there is improvement just leave the program unchecked. This is a bit of a trial and error process.

Special purpose software tools
Most of the anti-virus companies have special purpose software tools on their web sites to remove specific viruses, trojans, and some other types of malware, when the program on your computer cannot.

Download from the anti-virus company
In these cases you will be directed to go to a download section of the companies web site, down load the special program, and then run it (usually just a double click) to remove the pesky parasite. These special purpose removers are easy to use and all you will have to do to remove a left over virus is follow the directions.

Use anti-virus software
If you don’t have an up do date anti-virus program you will need to get one to remove a virus infection. My personal recommendation is the all-in-one: antivirus, antispam, firewall for your PC and PDA.

Today however, the security threat from viruses is still with us but the primary cause of computer problems is actually spyware.