How to remove pocket curtain with brackets on outside?

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by lisa
(Indiana, USA)

I had a professional outfit install my curtain rods and pocket curtains. Unfortunately, I can’t figure out how to remove the curtains from one of my windows. They positioned the brackets on the outside of the curtains, so I can’t slide it off the end like I was able to do with my bigger window. Any suggestions? I’ve asked numerous people, and no one seems to be able to figure it out.


How to remove pocket curtain with brackets on outside?

Hi Lisa

It all depends on the style of brackets you have on your decorative rod. They will be open top brackets or closed brackets.

Both styles of brackets usually have either a regular small screw or a grub screw that works will an allen key. These hold the rod in place to stop it moving when you open and close your curtains.

Either of these kinds of screw can be in a few places on the bracket. Look underneath or on top of the bracket. If not there then look behind.

If you still have not found it. Then almost certainly it has a cover over it. Often on metal curtain rod brackets the cover is right on the front. It is like a small button. Twist this off and you will find the holding screw behind.

If you still can’t work it out then take a digital photo and upload it on the submission form. That will hopefully get the problem sorted.

Oh nearly forgot once you have loosened the holding screws you need to either lift the rod up out of the brackets and take the finial off one end of the curtain rod. Then slide off your rod pocket curtains.

If your brackets completely enclose the rod. Then you will need to slide the rod out from one side. The end where you have removed the finial.

Hope that all helps you get the job done.

Best regards