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How to revive your spirit?

Now is the time to revive your spirit! Just as important as caring and stimulating our body. Our spirit needs sturring!

As the soul is how you relate to others and how you understand yourself, the spirit is how you relate to God. When you are reborn, you are born of the Spirit of God. The spirit is part of the soul, much like the mind is part of the soul.

Animals don’t have a spirit per se- they don’t seek God. The spiritual quality of being able to relate to God is what makes the human unique in all of creation. The human is designed to be the dwelling place of God, and for that reason he is a unique kind of creature. Plants have a body, animals have a body and soul (they are capable of relating to man and other animals), but only the human has a spirit.


The spirit of the human was as God intended…PERFECT. But when the human race fell in Adam, sin closed the window of the man’s spirit to the Spirit of God, as it remains… until the Life and Light giving power of the Holy Spirit of God floods us with the power of new life in Christ Jesus.

How to revive your spirit?

Both the soul and spirit pass when we die, thus you will be recognizable as yourself in the coming resurrection and you will, as a believer, forever be able to have fellowship with God. You will be given a new body, but you will be you.

Spiritual well-being promotes psychological and bodily health and can even help to override problems stemming from physical or psychological causes. So revive your spirit! Commune with God, your Creator!