How to Seduce Conservative Girls and Turn Them into Sexual Freaks

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Have you ever wanted to seduce conservative girls?

There are not many articles online that talk about how to seduce a conservative girl. However, at my reader’s request, I have written one to address this issue.

The first thing to know is that even though the girl is conservative, fundamentally, conservative girls are no different than any other girl.

Deep down inside, girls just want to have the time of their lives. So if you have tried before and failed, than obviously somewhere along the line you made a mistake.

Some common stumbling blocks:

1) I don’t have sex until I’m married
2) I’m a very private person (even private people have needs)
3) We’re just friends (I’m not surprised they try this one as well)

The approach to seducing conservative girls is a little different. Because of their natural tendency to see first than act, they are willing to do things only when they feel comfortable.

The best approach is very similar to the martial arts: Judo and Aikido. If you have practiced either the instructors teach the important concept of blending in.

At first, you want to blend in and appear harmless, get her comfortable with your presence, and than finally project. A successful seducer does exactly this. You want to come off as casual as possible without really making any moves that would set off her alarm. If you do set off her alarm, than step back.

How to Seduce Conservative Girls and Turn Them into Sexual Freaks

Gradually, however, as you gain her trust, than slowly test the waters by asking about more personal things. At first, she may be hesitant to tell you about her personal life, which is natural. But if you played your cards correctly and have not rushed the process, than she will open herself up to you both emotionally and physically.

The key steps:

1) Casual at First
2) Than Careful Progression into more Personal Details
3)Finally Make the Move

It usually will take a little longer to seduce a conservative girl because of the initial hesitation. However, once you have won her confidence than it is equally as hard to lose it.

The benefit of seducing a conservative girl is that she is more likely to give you a more rewarding long-term relationship. You rarely have to worry about her sleeping with other people because conservative girls by their nature usually only have a few close friends that she confides in.