How To Set A Fitness Goal?


When establishing your fitness goal it is not enough to say you want to ‘lose/gain weight’ or ‘get in shape’. This is too general.

Here are the questions you need to ask yourself as goal setting tips for fitness and in general:

What do I want to accomplish? Do I want to lose/gain weight, get bigger arms, run/swim/cycle a certain distance in a specific time, do you even want to be able to learn how to run!

When will I have this by? Do you have a certain event coming up, whether it be a party, wedding, triathlon, marathon etc.

 How To Set A Fitness Goal?

The key with this one is that a specific date is chosen and therefore a timeframe created. It gives you a deadline, and a sense of urgency.

What are my requirements or restraints? Will your goal require a change in eating habits, or join a gym? What will you have to do to reach your goal and how will you make the time to train/exercise?

Why do I want to accomplish this goal? Do I want to feel better about myself, have more energy, be able to run around with the kids, lower my risk of heart disease, win a bet! This question may also be linked in with ‘when’.

Examples of being specific with your goal setting:

I will be (insert desired weight here) on (insert date here)
My arms/chest etc will measure (insert desired size here) on (insert date here)
My weight will be (insert desired weight here), with my waist at (insert measurement here) on (insert date here)