How to snowboard the halfpipe?

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How to snowboard the halfpipe. Before I explain he finer points of the half pipe, I should inform you that this is not the ideal forum for a beginner. Succeeding on the half pipe is all about control in edge and turning.

Being able to ride

Fakie is a good idea as this happens a lot in pipe. Working on your jumping ability is another recommended skills as it can help with your transitions between the flat and the vertical walls. After you have learned How to snowboard the halfpipe and When first attempting to ride the pipe, it may pay to start a bit further down the pipe, and slowly make your way to the entry ramp as your skills and confidence improves.


1.When jumping on the halfpipe for the first time, you need to get in a little practice… so treat it like your first experience of traversing the mountain when you first learned to snowboard. Initially you need to get use to the sensation of going up and down the slow… as apposed to just downward like you are use to.

How to snowboard the halfpipe?

Slide Turns

Once you have a feel for the motion of traversing the half pipe you can try some serious turns, To do this you need to learn for to roll your edges, as you will be making turns up and down the same slope.

To roll your edges you are essentially beginning your transition with one edge and ending it on the opposite edge, you can practice these the higher you get up the wall in your transition.

Jump Turns

As you get higher in your transition you will eventually take off and get some air, so you will go above the lip of the wall. This is where it gets exciting, and you make your snowboard equipment work for the money you paid. So why not try a little jump at the lip, and turn in the air.

When attempting a jump be sure to keep your knees bent in the landing, and close to your body in the air, you need to absorb the landing. Try and get more air, concentrating on jumping at the lip, the last thing you want to do it land nose first in the platform.

Well for all you wanna bee’s who want to know How to snowboard the halfpipe…now you have the instructions to attempt pipe as womens halfpipe is just as important as mens pipe. So why don’t you get out their, practice, learn sum tricks, and ride ride ride.