How to spot prohibited actions at a poker table?

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The methods below are techniques some may use at a poker table to gain an edge over his or her opponents. The author of this site in no way condones any following methods and the following content included are methods you should be observing for, to protect your game against cheaters…How to spot prohibited actions at a poker table?

Bottom Dealing/Hanger

This method of involves a player dealing cards from the bottom of the deck. A player holds the deck in his hand in a manner that makes it difficult for others to see the act.


This method of allows the player to know what cards are in play and who has them. A player who peeks, would shuffle the by bending back the cards during the interlocking card shuffling method. By Peaking, the cheater can have a pretty good idea of what cards are on top, or on the bottom. This gives the player a big advantage of what his/her opponents may be holding. The player can combine this technique with the bottom dealing technique to always deal himself the best cards.

How to spot prohibited actions at a poker table?

Marking the Cards

This method allows a cheater to identify specific cards by marking the back. The easiest ways to mark a cards are by crimping a corner of the card or scratching it with a thumb nail. For example, if a player would like to identify aces, he would scratch the back of them with his thumbnail.

Stealing From the Pot

A player attempts to steal chips or money from the pot. The simplest way for a player to steal chips from a pot is to simply grab some chips when the pot is very large and when no one is looking. A player may also may pretend to put a chip in, but may grab a higher-valued chip from the pot.


This method involves two cheaters communicating throughout a game with signals and secretly show each other their hands. The cheaters also may bet and raise until everyone folds, and share their winnings after the game.