How to stay mentally focused?

Mentally Focused means staying on top of your mental health is extremely important, especially if you have kids. The dishes still need to be washed, the laundry needs to be done, the rug needs to be vacuum, and the groceries shopping is still in order.

Continue to:

  1. balance the check book
  2. pay the bills
  3. shower everyday
  4. drop the kids off at school
  5. and go to work.

Now is a good time to re-organize the closet, clean the garage, tend to your garden or clean the attic.

The more independent you stay, the more attractive and interesting you will be in the eyes of others. This will also help to keep your mind busy and away from negative thoughts.

You don’t have to be phony or obvious about staying busy, just be genuinely busy. Life doesn’t stop, especially for a heartache. Therefore now is the perfect time to get things done that you were not able to finish before.

Mentally Focused means staying with the current issues and not losing site of reality. Get out of your normal routine that you’ve become accustomed to because of him. Keep your independence and don’t become dependent on anyone else again. Take control and take care of your own heartache and don’t count on others to do it for you. One thing that you may experience is a disappearance of people to talk to when you become too depressed about a break up.

How to stay mentally focused?

Nobody likes to hang around a person going through a heartache. Some people don’t seem to understand what the person is going through until they go through it themselves. Don’t get me wrong, it is totally o.k. to grieve over that loss, but don’t stop life to do so, and don’t grieve forever.

Don’t let this breakup make you feel so out of it that you stop working, eating, sleeping, socializing, or any normal life functions. Is he or she really worth the deterioration and interruption of your life? I THINK NOT!!! Put time and energy into your work, your self, your children (they still need you mom!) and your life.

Try reading more novels/books: fiction, non-fiction, self help books, hobby books, etc. Get lost in someone else’s story. There are numerous romance, action, drama, physiologist, doctors, motivational speakers, etc. that can aid you toward to road to remaining mentally focused, self improved and stable.

Another way to keep mentally focused and busy is to take a class of interest/hobby or go back to college to pursue your degree or an advanced degree.

The idea here is to not only keep a normal and/or busy life, but to get a life of your own that requires your attention away from life’s crap and the memory of him.

Martha and Charles were married for eight years. After the divorce, Martha decided to do something that she was not able and allowed to do while being married to Charles. Martha went back to college. She already had a few college credits under her belt. When she registered, Martha was placed on a junior level, meaning she had only two years to go for a four years college degree. Martha was so excited about this that she almost forgot about the heartache she was going through from the divorce. Martha put herself into her studies, then received a bachelors degree in computer science. Not only did Martha get her life back in order, she now makes a six figure income.

Karen put her energy into writing children’s books. She has completed two books now and is in the process of getting them published.

Valerie has pursued a real estate license and now makes a six figure income from commission alone.

After being a housewife for five years, Tonya got a 9-to-5 job at an insurance company. She loves it so much that she wants to make a career out of underwriting insurance policies. Tonya is currently pursing a license to sell insurance, she wants to open her own agency.

Don’t ever let anyone or anything keep you from remaining mentally focused. Life goes on with or without us. It is up to you to stay with it.