How To Survive A Recession?

I haven’t lost my job or my home, so you might say it’s easy for me to give advice on how to survive a recession. Well, if you don’t like it surf on.

A recession always happens because old needs to break down and dissolve to give room for something new and better. The US recession happened because the ruling Bush government’s economic policy was so far fetched that it could only end in total destruction. Unfortunately, thousands of innocent people was hit.

How To Survive A Recession?

What to do?

  • Scream, shout, cry, get mad, get angry. And then get over with it – and look forward.
  • No matter how bad, there will always be a way out. You need to look at this is an opportunity for a new start. You have no other choice. You can destroy your life by getting bitter – or you can find ways to move on.
  • Stay away from negative people. It’s okay to sit with some friends and complain and moan to get out your frustrations, but get over with it and move on. Because complains stifles you and will prevent you from move forward to something better
  • Turn off the news and stop reading newspapers! At least for a while. You’ll be overfed with negative stories. Media is always out of proportion and always tell only a slice of reality. Yes, there is a recession and it hit some people, but far from everyone – like it’s easy to believe if you watch too much news.
  • Create a network with supporting friends. If you don’t find them where you live, try Internet.
  • See if this is your chance to start your own business or to start working with something more in tune with your purpose of life.
  • Can you find a way to make extra money .
  • Is this your chance to move to a better place?
  • If you already run your own business: Remember this isn’t a time to get stifled by fear. Concentrate on doing your job as good as possible. See if there’s any adjustments you can do. Like my friend Chris who runs a restaurant. Customers seemed to stay home, to scared to go out and spend money on a restaurant meal. Chris took this opportunity to start making and delivering pizza – sending out pizzas for free to neighboring offices for a start – and got his business back on track.Finally: Remember it will pass.