How to take care of your peace lily?

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The peace lily produces flowers from May to August. The flowers last about six weeks. As the flowers age, they turn from white to pale green. Its glossy green leaves lean out as sails from the center of the lily, hence the name Sail Plant.

Spathiphyllum is a rhizone. Given the correct treatment and conditions, it can double its size in one growing season. It would live for 10 years or more if treated well. Try it!

How to take care of your peace lily?

Plant Care Requirements


Keep your lily in semi shade in summer and bright light in winter. Always keep the lily out of direct sunlight. Strong direct sunlight will damage the leaves.

Temperature and Humidity

Keep the peace lily in warm to average-warm room. It requires minimum temperature in winter – 55 degrees F (14 degrees C) It needs high humidity – mist the leaves frequently. Stand pot on marbles or pebbles in a tray with water.


Grow the peace lily in a peat-based potting mix.


Keep soil mix moist at all times. Water the peace lily less frequently in winter.

How to take care of your peace lily?


Use a water soluble fertilizer once per month. Reduce fertilizing the peace lily in winter. It’s out of the growing season.

Pest and Diseases

The Peace Lily is susceptible to being attacked by red spider mite and greenfly. Treat by spraying with insecticide.

Yellow leaves indicate that the plant is exposed to too much sunlight. Remove the yellow leaves and place the peace lily in a more shaded area.

How to take care of your peace lily?

Floppy leaves indicate too little watering. Immerse the pot in a pail of water and thoroughly soak the plant, then drain it very well. Do not allow the rootball to get soggy.


For best growth and flowering, divide the peace lily and repot in early spring every year.