How to take care of your snake plant?

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Snake Plant grows in clumps of heavy, sword-like, vertical, fleshy leaves to a height of about 18 to 32 inches ( 46 to 82 cm). S. zeylanica has dark, mottled leaves and S. trifasciata laurenti has the same types of leaves with a creamy-white edge. Sansevieria are very durable and grow in adverse conditions. Try it.

How to take care of your snake plant?

Plant Care Requirements


The snake plant prefers bright to direct light, but grow well in diffused or shaded light.

Temperature and Humidity

The snake plant grows well in warm temperature and medium humidity.

How to take care of your snake plant?


Use a 50-50 mixture of a cactus mix and an all-purpose soil mix.


Water your snake plant profusely, but allow the soil to dry before the next watering.


Fertilize lightly each month during spring, summer and early fall, but not during winter. Repot your snake plant about every 4 years.

How to take care of your snake plant?

Pests and Diseases

Snake plants are susceptible to attacks by mealybugs and scale insects. Treat with lukewarm soapy water. If infestation is severe, spray with Malathion or Diazinon. Overwatering snake plants will cause leaf and root rot.


Propagate your snake plants from offsets, by leaf cuttings and by division at the roots.