How to test your gold?

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You’re now ready to test and confirm what you think is real gold, and for that you will need to invest in either an electronic tester or an acid test kit. Unless you’re a serious gold finder/buyer/seller, it isn’t necessary to invest in an electronic tester to the tune of $200.00.

I’ve been using an acid test kit for many years and find it accurate and reliable. An acid test kit costs approximately $25.00 and consists of a scratch stone, test needles and karat acids. Karat acids come in 10kt, 14kt, 18kt and 22kt. You can also purchase silver and platinum test acids.

You test a piece of jewelry by first rubbing it several times on the scratch stone to make a good strong mark.

You then rub one of the needles on the stone next to your test piece mark. Place a drop of acid solution with the nearest karat rating you believe your piece to be on both marks you’ve made. If the test marks dissolve, make another set of marks using a lower karat solution.

How to test your gold?

If they dissolve using 10kt acid, the item is probably just costume and not fine jewelry. The needles are used to compare the color and strength of the jewelry mark to the needle mark, but they aren’t really necessary and I rarely use them.