How to think about improving your digital photography?

Better Digital Photography….isn’t that what we all are looking for ? cutting your delete rate from your picture taking.

Explore and discover new techniques and tips to improve your picture taking and bring your images to the next level…..I’ll show you what those little image icons on your camera can do to your pictures.

Learn about flash, how best to add it to outdoor light, low light photography and long exposures, and posing ideas for your kids, pets and groups.

Create your own backdrops with inexpensive materials from any of the big retailers or you can purchase quality materials from your local photographic retail store…..watch your budget and make wise purchasing decisions.

How to think about improving your digital photography?

The more you practice, your eyes will begin to spot cool natural outdoor portrait spots, view the same area but from a different angle and different time of day…what do you see now ?

Feed the Passion you have, enjoy the Rush !