How to Touch Her So That She Will Snuggle Closer?

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We all want our girl to snuggle closer to us. Touching her and holding her so that she will want you to come close and do it again.

A quick disclaimer here. This article is about romance, dating, and a loving relationship. There are many areas on the female anatomy that long to be touched in a loving, romantic way. You should never touch a girl or a woman who does not want to be touched! If she says no, the answer is no, and that is the end of it.

However, if you are in a loving relationship, so many guys only think of the erogenous zones that are always covered. They grope, and feel and do not know how to touch a woman in a romantic way. Although each girl is different, here are some tips on how you can touch her, in ways that she wants to be touched.

Secrets Women Want You to Know
No tickling!! Particularly in a public place and particularly not until you know each other well. Women know that this is usually a dominance thing and will consider it as such unless she knows better. If you tickle her by mistake, be a gentleman and apologize. Only then will she snuggle back closer to you. Do it twice and you may be toast

Holding Hands
If you’re in a loving relationship, hold her hand! It doesn’t matter whether you’re on one of your early dates or have been married for 30 years, holding hands has a special meaning for most women. It indicates a certain level of commitment and not being afraid to show the world that you’re committed to her. I know, this escapes most guys, but trust me, it’s an important point.

Her Hair
If a woman will let you touch her hair, she is probably ready to be kissed. Particularly if she lets you do it twice. Also, it can be very relaxing for her to have you run your hands through her hair. This is something that every girl dreams about and few guys do correctly. (This is not something to do if you’re on your way to a fancy dinner or gala and she has her hair perfect and doesn’t want you messing with it.) On the other hand, telling her how wonderful her hair looks at how soft it feels is a great compliment and something that may warm her heart.

Her Neck
Her neck can be a new wonderful place. I remember a movie line that said that the neck is the place where a woman’s mind meets her body. What a great place to be! If she will let you touch her neck, she is probably ready to be kissed as well. Gentle stroking and massaging will suffice. A gentle kiss planted at the base of the neck will send shivers down her spine whether she tells you or not. Pretending you are Dracula will not have the desired affect.

How to Touch Her So That She Will Snuggle Closer?

The Back
Her back is probably one of the most overlooked areas of her body. It’s a safe place for her to be touched. Be aware that how you touch her back will indicate your feelings for her. A firm but gentle touch is a wonderful way of leading her or showing leadership. If you’re at the beach, or any place where she is lying down on her stomach, take a single fingertip and lightly trace pictures (or love notes) on her back. This is something that is very sensuous and very relaxing all of the same time!

Shoulders and Upper Arms
The edges of her shoulders and her upper arms are very sensitive areas. This is an area where you want to be careful. You never want to grab her arms tightly. However, a gentle touch or stroking touch on the upper arms, particularly the back of the upper arms and shoulders, can be very soothing and very sensual.

Her Feet
As you can see in the masssage section, the feet are very important to women. And they hurt a lot! Those pointy-toe high heels look great, but they can make her feet really hurt by the end of the day. Also, women pay a lot more attention to their feet than guys give them credit for. Giving a girl a foot massage is a wonderful thing to do and something she will probably let you do if you are in a loving relationship. Even if you don’t do a perfect massage, a gentle but firm rubbing of the feet will restore circulation and will help the rest of her relax and feel comfortable.

The trick here is to not get carried away and start running up her legs. This is not the gentlemanly thing to do. Rub each foot gently till she relaxes and then stop. Get up and sit beside her or do whatever activity you had planned. If she wants you to continue with her claves, she will let you know, but the anticipation of more touching on her part may lead to wonderful things in the future.

Secrets Women Want You to Know
Women want men who will lead and men that are in control. It is a rare man that can get a woman feeling lovingly comfortable and will leave her wanting more – and will do it on purpose! Guys are way too hung up with having to be the aggressor and women are used to having to be the one to stop the action. If you really want to impress her, be the ultimate gentleman and leave her anticipating what will happen next. Usually, close snuggling on her part will be the result – and that is a good place to be!

I will say it once again, never touch anybody who does not want to be touched! That being said, know that there are certain areas that long to be touched in a careful and gentle way. There’s no need to grope or act in an ungentlemanly way. The gentle anticipation of one soft touch after another, is something that will make her snuggle closer and want to be close to you all the time.