How to Transform Conflicts Into Love Using Astrology?

Here’s a fact: various conflicts ruin our lives, our relationships and prevent success. You probably think that most of the time when an argument occurs others are to blame but not you? Well, not quite so…

The most difficult conflicts occur when various planets make inharmonious aspects. Real astrology forecasts the most complicated periods.

So, how to prepare and transform conflicts into love when you know that a dangerous day is coming up according to astrology forecasts? First of all, you shouldn’t start any arguments yourself. What if others tease and annoy you? Here’s the rule how to consciously transform your anger into love:

“Try to ignore the ‘bad’ side of a person who annoys you, instead try to remember that usually this person is really kind and loving, remember his/her ‘good’ side.”

How to Transform Conflicts Into Love Using Astrology?

For example, your kid has broken a new toy. Now, you have a choice: you can yell and shout at him/her or simply you could remember that he/she is a great kid and say: “I understand that you are wonderful and you really didn’t mean to do so. Right?”

Have conflicts with your spouse? He or she often shouts at you? Remember that he/she is not always that “bad” and say: “Honey, I see that you really didn’t want to say these terrible words and hurt me, I know that you love me. I love you too.” Smile and give him/her a hug.

Of course, it’s not easy to remember the “good” side and show love to a person that you are having an argument with, and say nice words to him or her. If you can remember this but you cannot show your love and say so, it means that you are full of ambitions, and conflicts will happen again and again, especially on complicated days from the astrological point of view.

However, if you can swallow your pride and show your love instead of bad emotions and anger to the other person, you’ll soon notice that it will work like a magic. Believe it, as soon as you begin doing so, your life will transform and you’ll attract success in all areas of your life. Simply, try to be conscious during conflicts, respond to any anger with love and respect, and you’ll be amazed of the positive changes in your life.