How To Tune A Guitar With A Guitar Tuner?

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I will first start by saying that if you are lucky enough to have an electronic guitar tuner, you will save yourself a lot a hassle and frustration. If you don’t have a tuner then it will be a little harder, especially if you are new to the guitar. Don’t worry though, I will walk you though the steps of how to tune a guitar.

How to tune a guitar with A Guitar Tuner

First, we will learn how to tune a guitar with a tuner since it is fairly straight forward.

Basically you need to first turn your tuner on and then sit it down in front of you. Some of you might have to plug into the tuner if you are playing an electric guitar. If you have an acoustic guitar, most tuners have a built-in microphone and will be able to here the strings as you strike them.

Next we want to set our tuner to 440hz which is standard tuning for a guitar. Knowing how to tune a guitar to standard 440hz tuning will allow you to play along with the lessons here at Guitar Lessons Central.

First we will start with picking the top open E string(6th string) with our pick and let it ring out. At the same time, turn the tuning pegs clockwise or counter-clockwise depending on whether you need to go up or down in pitch. Do this while looking at the tuner to watch for the indicator light to come on, indicating that you are at 440 Hz. If the indicator light stays on, then you are on pitch. If you tuner has a needle, that needle should be pointing at the 440 Hz mark on your tuner. Now we can move on to the next string.

How To Tune A Guitar With A Guitar Tuner?

Next, start at the open A string(5th string) and do the exact same procedure as described above. Keep moving down the strings until all are correctly tuned to standard tuning. That wasn’t to hard now was it?

A little suggestion though, if you go to sharp (higher than the pitch you are looking for), it’s a good idea to drop back down below the pitch you are looking for and then slowly come back up to it. Always remember it’s a good idea to tune up to the pitch! This little tip on how to tune a guitar will help you keep your strings sounding the way they should, and not going out of tune as much.

Also too, after going through all the strings, you should quickly do it again. After tuning your guitar, some of the strings may have gone out of tune slightly while you were tuning the others strings. This is especially true if you just put new strings on your guitar. So it is a good idea to double check to make sure that they are all still in tune. Now you are ready to play!