How to Use Candles in Feng Shui?

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Balance the Energy with Fire Element…

Would you like to make your projects successful or bring more romance into your marriage? Perhaps make smarter decisions or have a better health? You wonder how?

Burn candles in the right places!

There is a good feng shui in your home when all the elements are in balance. Neither one should overpower or lack in the room. If you experience bad luck or problems in some area of your life, take a look at the feng shui bagua to figure out what is going on in corresponding area of your home.

There is certain element characteristic for each area of your room. If the right element is present in the right place, the energy flows naturally and such place is harmonious. If the elements are not in balance, the stagnant energy affects you and you struggle in your life.

There are two different ways to correct the imbalance

  • Strengthen the helpful element
  • Weaken the harmful element
  • If you want to strengthen the good element, use more of it and also include the one that supports it according to the constructive cycle.
  • If you want to weaken the harmful element that cannot be removed from the area, use more of the element that destroys it.

Use Candles to Heal the Energy of Fame Gua…

Candles are especially powerful tool in feng shui decorating. They bring the element of fire into your home and not only symbolically. They bring the actual physical element of fire, which is much more powerful.

How to Use Candles in Feng Shui?

Feng shui suggests that you add the candle to the gua of fame if you have problems in this area. Your problems are likely the result of missing fire element or the result of too much harming element – water. If you want to strengthen this part of your life, use more of the fire element in this area and remove the water element.

Fame gua is the home of our goals and projects. If you want to make sure your projects are successful and you achieve your goals, burn candles in this area of your home or room.

To even strengthen the power of the candle:

  • Use candles in red, pink or orange colors, which are the colors of fire.
  • Pyramid and triangle shapes are the shapes of fire element. Use pyramid candles for best possible outcome.
  • Nine is the number of fire element. If it is possible, use nine pyramid candles in red, orange or pink colors to really strengthen the power of the candle.

And using nine candles is not only powerful from the feng shui point of view. The group of nine burning candles really transforms your home from ordinary to extraordinary. It is a great, inexpensive and quick way to decorate your interior and make the atmosphere of your home special and relaxing.

Use Candles to Heal the Energy of Marriage Gua…

The earth element is the characteristic element for the gua of marriage, knowledge and health. According to the constructive cycle, fire “feeds” the earth element and makes it stronger. If you want success and good luck in these areas, burn pyramid candles everyday in corresponding areas of your home.

If you want more romance in your marriage make sure you put more earth and fire element into this area of your bedroom. Use red, orange or pink candles or yellow, brown or beige candles of either pyramid or square shapes.

Yellow, brown, beige colors and square shapes support earth element. If you go with red candles you can use square shaped candles to combine the earth and fire element. Similarly, if you choose yellow candles, use pyramid shapes. By choosing such candles you effectively combine earth and fire elements in one candle, which brings the best results.

Moreover, two, five and eight are the numbers of earth element. If you really want to strengthen the earth element, burn two, five or eight candles in marriage gua.

Use Candles to Heal the Energy of Knowledge and Health Gua…

Earth is characteristic element of knowledge and health gua, as well. If you want to become smarter, make wise decisions or have more success in your business, burn candles in knowledge area.

Just like for marriage gua, use candles that combine earth element and fire element. Choose candles of colors and shapes that represent fire and earth element. And burn two, five, eigth or nine candles in knowledge area.

If you are recovering from an illness or simply want to keep your good health, make sure you burn candles in the health area, too.

Use these tips to balance the energy in your home by burning candles in the right places. And don’t forget to watch for the changes in your life.It won’t take long…