How To Wax Your Snowboard?

No idea how to use hot wax? Snowboard waxing isnt that hard!

Is you’re board not running to the best of its ability? When was the last time you gave it a snowboard waxing? Waxing is a great idea, and you need to remember to do it regularly in order to keep you’re base running fast and smooth. Even if you only apply a fresh coat of wax after you’ve had a weeks riding, make sure you do it, your board will that you for it! And if you notice you’re boards looking dry and not running smooth, its time for a hot wax.



This can be purchased at any ski or snowboard shop, and is best applied using a hot iron, there are heaps of different brands, and types, but all work well in most snow conditions.


You can also pick this up from your local ski and snowboard store, Either metal or plastic both work well, wider scrapers usually marketed for snowboards aren’t always a good idea, as they make the work harder then it needs to be by not scraping as well and smaller versions.


Any iron will work, it is a good idea to buy an iron if you are a keen skier or snowboarder and you will be regularly maintaining you’re equipment. If your using an iron from home, DO NOT use the one you use to iron you’re clothes with, or you will end up with a mess all over your clothes. Irons are perfect for smoothing the melted wax onto the board due to their flat hot surface. You can pick up cheap irons at most second hand shops.

How To Wax Your Snowboard?


a rough thick cloth or pad can be used to buff the tip and tail and remove any extra wax, try scotchbrite green pads you can pick them up from the supermarket.

Other useful tools may also be a Base cleaner to get you’re board sparkling, and get grid of that dirty mess. Make sure to use this before you wax your board, you can pick base cleaner up at most board shops. Get yourself a good spot to apply wax., You are going to make a bit of mess, so make sure to do this outside, or set up a vice in your workshop and this will help stop your board from slipping away from you. .

First things first lay down some newspaper, this can be a messy process and wax that has dripped can be difficult to clean off the floor. Then make sure to fix your board onto a surface so it does no slip away or fall off you work space.


Warm your iron up to a moderate heat, in order to melt the wax, but not so hot you make the wax smoke. Hold the iron over your snowboard, pointed down and place the wax bar on the iron, so it drips down and off the tip, make sure to keep your limbs out of the hot wax way. As the wax Drips down move the iron up and down the base in order to get an even coverage of wax over the board. You are aiming to get striped of dripper 1 to 2 inches apart. After this is achieved put the wax aside.


Now its time to place your iron on the board, and iron around melting the wax until you get even coverage over the base of your board, it needs to be completely covered. Keep the iron moving, if you leave it in one place, to long it could harm your board.


Turn off that iron, and wait half an hour for the wax to set and cool, then its time to grab your scraper. Now you need to scrape off the excess wax moving for the noes to the tail. Although this can be tiring and seem somewhat a waste of time, scraping off the wax you just put on, you need to realise the hot wax opens the snowboards pored and channels the wax everywhere it is needed.


After you have scraped your board silly its time to give your board a rub down with a cloth, work from the nose to tail, getting off the final layers of wax, this action is the finishing touch your board needs to ride down that mountain with ease.


If this doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, and waxing your snowboard sounds too hard, THERE IS ANOTHER WAY.

Luckily some board and ski shops offer a Snowboard waxing service, for a small cost, and it saves you time and energy. Also some mountains offer this service, so while you’re sitting down to lunch, or that coffee to keep you going up the mountain, you may be able to take your board into the workshop and get it fixed up for a great afternoons riding.